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Mammoth Cave Basket Makers
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2015 White Oak Basket Contest

Saturday July 4, 2015

Agriculture Building 
Hart County Fairgrounds near Rowletts, KY on 31W
between Horse Cave and Munfordville

Grand Prize/Best of Show $200.00
1st Prize - $100.00 (all classes except antique)
2nd Prize - $50.00 (all classes except antique)
3rd Prize - $25.00 (all classes except antique)

Registration begins at 11:00 a.m.
Entries must be registered prior to 12:00 noon
Judging begins at 12:00 noon
Awards will be presented at 1:00 p.m.

Sponsored by Family Medical Center of Munfordville

Classes Include:
  1. Beginning Split White Oak Basket Makers (have not entered the contest before and have just started making baskets in the past four years.)
  2. Intermediate Class Split White Oak Baskets (basket makers of any age - must have 4-6 years experience above the beginning basket makers class.)
  3. Classic Utilitarian Split White Oak Baskets (Anyone may enter this category. These baskets traditionally had a specific work usage such as egg baskets, lunch baskets, berry baskets, kindling baskets, picnic baskets, wood baskets, firewood baskets, pin baskets, yarn baskets, pie baskets, collection plate baskets, marble baskets, etc.)
  4. Decorative Split White Oak Baskets (Anyone may enter this category.)
  5. Antique Baskets (over 40 years old - no premiums for this category.)
  6. Non-split White Oak Native Material Hand Processed without the use of kits. (Material such as : Honeysuckle, Willow, Grapevine, non-oak but wood, bark, and straw)
  7. Non-native bought material (reed, rattan or purchased kits).
  8. Visitor's Class Split White Oak Baskets (Basket Makers from outside South central Kentucky.)
  9. Children's Category Split White Oak Baskets (ages up to 20).
  10. Novelty (Split White Oak non-basket item (fans, hats, vases, pet beds, thimbles, wishing wells, etc.))
  11. Children's Category Non White Oak Baskets (Native materials, no kits, ages up to 20).


  1. All baskets of any kind or description are eligible.
  2. The entrant (or some member of the immediate family) must have made the basket within the past three years, except the antique baskets.
  3. Baskets must be made of split white oak (for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10) and kits are acceptable only in class 7.
  4. The Family Medical Center has the right to purchase the winning basket or the entrant can agree to make a basket similar to the winning basket for the Family Medical Center for display in its collection. The price of the basket would be in addition to the prize money. Please help us keep this tradition so we can display these winning baskets locally.
  5. Contest is open to all residents of Hart and adjoining counties. Note: Class 8 - Visitor's Class Split White Oak Baskets is open to Basket Makers from outside South central Kentucky.

Each person entering a basket will receive a $10.00 appreciation prize for entering.
Times and Rules are subject to change.

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