Mammoth Cave Basket Maker's Guild is proud to announce
upcoming workshops in traditional basketry.

Choose one workshop from the two workshops being offered: White Oak or Willow and Honeysuckle
( see photos and description of baskets below).

Date: October 1 and 2, 2004 (Two-day Workshop)
Friday and Saturday
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Location: Creations from the Hart Co-op
Munfordville, Kentucky

Fee: $125.00 (includes all materials and instruction)


For more information contact:

Charlene Long (270) 531-2321

Dr. Jim Middleton (270) 524-7231

Scott Gilbert (270) 237-9311

Workshop/Registration: Send a note indicating which workshop you wish to take along with your check for the $125.00 registration fee to Mammoth Cave Basket Maker's Guild, c/o Charlene Long, 1188 Wabash Rd., Upton, KY 42784. Registration fee is not refundable.

Level of Instruction: All levels

Students should bring: Pencil, Shears or scissors, Old towel, Bucket for water, Knife

Willow and Honeysuckle Basket Workshop
Willow and Honeysuckle Basket - Workshop by Charlene and Charles Long

Join us for an incredible 2-day basket making workshop where you'll learn the various aspects of weaving with willow rods and honeysuckle vines to produce a lovely 8" diameter round Bread Basket. Also, you'll learn about collecting and processing these two unique basket making materials.

Instructors Charles and Charlene Long of Upton, Kentucky are traditional weavers. Charles has made baskets off and on for almost 50 years. He learned the craft as a child, from his mother, Gertrude Hornback Long. His family members have been making baskets for five generations. Charlene learned how to make baskets about 20 years ago from her husband.

The Longs demonstrate for schools and also for groups that are interested in basket making. They are actively involved in the Mammoth Cave Basket Makers Guild. The Guild promotes traditional basket making in the south-central Kentucky region. The Longs, and many other Guild members, use natural materials that they gather themselves in the production of their baskets.

"I think to become a good basket maker you have to like working on baskets. For myself, it relaxes me. Our baskets are all a little different. It is difficult to make them all alike. I hope that the tradition continues to be passed down in the family." Charlene Long

White Oak Basket Workshop

White Oak Basket - Workshop by Francis and Willard Glass

This is your opportunity to work with master basket maker Frances Glass of Cub Run, Kentucky and learn the special techniques she and her husband, Willard, use when making their unique style of white oak basket. The basket you'll weave is a gallon size round egg basket. Willard will expertly prepare the hoops and ribs and Frances will instruct you in the weaving and beautiful trim work.

Willard Glass is a third generation basket maker. His parents, Joe and Haley Glass, and grandparents, Rosie and Scott Glass made baskets when he was a child; their style of baskets were mostly the school baskets and market baskets.


About 26 years ago Willard decided to make a market basket from memory--at that time it had been about 40 years since he had seen one made. Shortly after his earliest attempt, he and his wife Frances spent the day with some friends who were basket makers. Lloyd and Delsie Taylor from Cave City, Kentucky and Audie Dennison from Cub Run worked with the Glasses and showed them the ways of constructing the rib baskets.

The Glasses have continued the white oak tradition, making various styles of egg baskets including round, oval and square egg baskets and wall pockets. They have demonstrated at many local festivals and enjoyed the work over the years. They are actively involved in the Mammoth Cave Basket Makers Guild. The Guild promotes traditional basket making in the south-central Kentucky region.

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